Our goal is to structure the weekend around 3 large group sessions and leave room for each church to customize their schedule. Below is a pretty basic layout for the weekend.  


6:00pm- Check In @ each church

7:45pm- Doors Open

8:00pm- SESSION #1

9:30pm- Dismiss to Host Homes 

9:45pm- Small Groups


8:30am- Breakfast in Host Homes

9:45am- Doors Open

10:00am- SESSION #2

11:30am- Lunch @ Riverbend Church

12:00pm-5:30pm-  Free Time (TBD by each church)

5:00pm- Dinner @ Riverbend Church

6:00pm- Hangout (inflatables, rock wall, basketball, photo bus, and more)

7:00pm- Doors Open

7:15pm- SESSION #3

9:00pm- Dismiss to Host Homes

9:15pm- Small Groups


8:30am- Breakfast in Host Homes

9:00am- Clean Up & Pack Up

11:00am- Attend local church with your small group

12:15pm- The End


* Sunday is completely optional for each participating church